How to buy a personalised number plate

You may buy your preferred personalised private number from several different locations. One of the easiest options is through DVLA. DVLA operates the largest private number plate marketplace in UK, with over 50 million permutations, with prices starting from as low as £250. DVLA also conducts physical auctions at selected locations several times a year.


A second option is through private companies and broker, which are now easily found online (unlike in the 1990s, when you had to comb through classified listings). The prices are usually higher, because most of them have been collecting the best cherished plates in the country for decades.


A third option is through direct sales, either from friends or a car you saw driving by.


The purchasing process is relatively straightforward – sign a sales agreement, pay the agreed sum, and obtain a V750 certificate (or a V778 certificate if you would like to keep the number plate temporarily unassigned).



Things you should know when buying personalised plates


There are two types of restrictions of the private number plates which you are allowed to buy. The first is permutations that have been banned by DVLA. These permutations usually involve offensive words or phrases or restricted letters and numbers.


The second involves the age identifier. DVLA prohibits motorists from assigning plates with age identifiers which are younger than their vehicles.


Assigning a number plate to your vehicle


If you are purchasing a new vehicle, simply provide the car dealer with your V750 or V778 certificate. They will usually handle the paperwork free of charge. If you are assigning the number to an existing vehicle, you are required to submit an application directly to DVLA. Remember to submit your logbook with the application as well. An MOT test may be schedule for older vehicles.


Once DVLA mails you a new logbook, you may then order your new cherished plates from a DVLA registered number plate supplier.


Transferring a registration mark from your vehicle



If you wish to disassociate your cherished plates from your vehicle for whatever reasons, you may submit an application to DVLA. If you already have another car to be assigned to, submit an application for a V750 certificate. If the car is not available yet, you may place your personalised number plate on retention using the V778 certificate. The application cost £80 and an annual fee of £25 is applicable. You may redeem the V778 certificate at a later date once you have a car ready for assignment. Please note that failure to renew the V778 would cause you to lose ownership of the registration mark and it will be returned to circulation.